Filling the Gap

Filling the Gap

150 Years, 150 Great Artists

Donations and “Filling the Gap”

Donations to PAL Canada’s “Filling the Gap” campaign are encouraged. You can help us achieve our goals by making a donation in the name of any of the nominated artists.  After October 1, 2017, the artist with the highest total dollar value of donations made in their name, will be named PAL Canada’s Honourary Donor of the Year.

***Corporate Challenge

Corporations can get involved by donating, nominating and promoting an artist. Rally staff to vote for your company’s nominee, and get your artist to become our PAL Canada OneFiveZero Artist of The Year, or PAL Canada’s Honourary Donor of The Year, or do both, and your company can become PAL Canada’s “T.P.T.Y.” (Top Pal of The Year).

  1. Nominate an artist in your company/organization name (have your own internal contest to pick that artist)
  2. Have your company/organization make a corporate donation in that artist’s name (required for participation in “T.P.T.Y.”, PAL Canada’s Top Pal of The Year)
  3. Get all your employees/colleagues to make an individual donation (goes towards your company’s entry to become PAL Canada’s Top Pal of The Year “T.P.T.Y.”)
  4. Get all your friends/colleagues to vote for your company’s pick
  5. Challenge your company to compete by department, or create teams within your office to nominate their own artist
  6. Challenge other companies to join in the fun, by calling them out on social media using the hashtag, #CDNTopArtist

*** Participating corporations will be listed as a nominator, and provided with a link to their website from the Gallery of Artists page. 

*Personal Donations of $20 or more may be eligible for a 2017 tax receipt.

Supporting Cast, the root and heart of the philosophy of PAL Canada, are a group of volunteers who offer companionship, outings, and personal assistance to PAL members so that they can continue to lead meaningful, independent lives in their own homes. The program strives to fill the gap left by scant government home care services. Its overall goal is to address and help alleviate isolation among this often-forgotten segment of the artistic community and society in general, by fostering inclusiveness through various activities.

Your donation will help us to develop and expand this service to a broader range of isolated, senior and disadvantaged artists across Canada. Some items/services that your donation will help pay for:

  • Transportation services (to doctors/dentists etc. appointments, grocery shopping, community events etc.)
  • Tickets to shows and other community events
  • Hosting community events for senior and disadvantaged artists in an effort to alleviate isolation
  • Research into how to better locate those who are isolated and disadvantaged