Nominate an Artist

Nominate an Artist


An artist may be nominated by more than one person. However, an artist’s name will only be listed once as a nominee. An individual can nominate as many artists as they want.

Nominations close on September 15, 2017. Voting closes on October 1, 2017.

To nominate a candidate, please provide PAL Canada with a nominee who meets the criteria** outlined below.

Nomination criteria:

The primary criteria when considering a nominee is:

  • Excellence, extraordinary artistic achievement and lifetime contributions to Canadian culture through the arts, whether it be in dance, music, theatre, musical theatre, opera, motion pictures, television, broadcasting or visual arts
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent legal resident of Canada. In cases of a deceased nominee, the candidate must have been a Canadian citizen or a permanent legal resident of Canada at the time of their death.
  • Have spent the vast majority of their lives working in the arts
  • Had an impact on Canada’s culture and heritage
  • Be listed on the Canadian Encyclopedia’s website
  • If the artist is not listed in the Canadian Encyclopedia, a Wikipedia page, or the artist’s website will be considered.


Corporate Challenge

Corporations can get involved by donating, nominating and promoting an artist. Rally staff to vote for your company’s nominee, and get your artist to become our PAL Canada OneFiveZero Artist of The Year, or PAL Canada’s Honourary Donor of The Year, or do both, and become PAL Canada’s “T.P.T.Y.” (Top Pal of The Year).

  1. Nominate an artist in your company/organization name (have your own internal contest to pick that artist)
  2. Have your company/organization make a corporate donation in that artist’s name (required for participation in “T.P.T.Y.”, PAL Canada’s Top Pal of The Year)
  3. Get all your employees/colleagues to make an individual donation (goes towards your company’s entry to become PAL Canada’s Top Pal of The Year “T.P.T.Y.”)
  4. Get all your friends/colleagues to vote for your company’s pick
  5. Challenge your company to compete by department, or create teams within your office to nominate their own artist
  6. Challenge other companies to join in the fun, by calling them out on social media, at #CDNTopArtist

* All submitted testimonials become the property of PAL Canada Foundation.

** PAL Canada Foundation reserves the right to refuse a nominee who in their opinion does not meet the above nominee criteria.

*** Participating corporations will be listed as a nominator, and provided with a link to their website from the Gallery of Artists page. 

Please allow 48 to 72 hours for your nomination to be approved, uploaded and visible on this site.


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