Who We Are

Who We Are

PAL Canada Foundation works to alleviate the consequences of poverty, isolation and housing challenges among senior and disadvantaged members of Canada’s professional artists’ community.

PAL Canada:

  • is a national Charitable Foundation
  • winner of the Humanitarian Award at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards
  • leads the way in the planning and developing of affordable housing for senior and disadvantaged members of Canada’s professional arts community, now and in the future
  • provides support, and ensures the well-being of senior and disadvantaged members of Canada’s professional arts community, now and in the future
  • promotes and supports a volunteer outreach program called “Supporting Cast”, which provides support, assistance, and companionship to individual artists in need

Supporting Cast

PAL Canada is developing and expanding its nationwide volunteer-driven team known as Supporting Cast. The root and heart of the philosophy of PAL Canada, Supporting Cast is a group of volunteers who offer personal assistance to PAL members so that they can continue to lead meaningful, independent lives in their own homes, while also fostering the inclusion of seniors into the community. These services may include: assistance in dealing with community agencies and health care providers, rides to medical appointments, running errands and light housekeeping. Volunteers may offer companionship and a friendly sympathetic ear, but also serve to check in with members who are on their own. Depending on the chapter, they may also organize weekly or monthly group activities that allow solitary or isolated members to get together with their peers. Establishing a Supporting Cast type of organization is usually the first step in founding a PAL Chapter and exemplifies, in practical terms, the PAL motto: “Caring for Professional Artists”

For further  information about PAL Canada Foundation, please visit us at palcanada.org